πŸ’» Company name Baji999
🎧 Synonyms Baji live, Baji 999, Baji live 999, Baji 999 live
🀝 Foundation date 2020
🎲 Approved countries The whole world
πŸ”₯ Focused on Bangladesh
🎱 License Curacao
πŸ”₯ Official site Bet
🎲 Currency EUR, USD, USDT, BTC and other
🧩 Support e-mail, Whatsapp, online chat
🎧 Jackpot 250,000 USD
🧩 Game modes For money

You can find many betting platforms online that offer their services. Their number is really surprising and pleasing. However, the large selection makes finding a gambling site that will give you a quality experience more difficult. It takes a lot of time for bettors to find a good site with all the necessary services before betting. However, you do not have to worry; we value your free time, so we invite you to visit the Baji999 website! That wonderful bookmaker will not leave you indifferent as it offers a large selection of sports and events for betting. It also has great bonus offers (one of the most generous on the market) and competitive odds! That betting site is popular with gamblers, and you will feel its cares about its members.

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That bookmaker has been surprising players with its high quality since 2016 and does not stop developing to become better for you. Baji999 also displays a unique professionalism that is hard to find on most other betting platforms. It also quickly picks up the latest trends in the gambling world so that you are always interested in betting on its site. Moreover, it offers many options for sports betting and casino entertainment. Thus, it strives to offer its customers a full range of gambling entertainment for every taste! It can also please you with such benefits as:

  • Package for bonuses and promotions
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Multi-language
  • Extensive selection of payment methods

If you want to play on that bookmaker site and want to ensure it suits you, we recommend you visit its website. That will allow you to see which sporting events are currently available for betting and the offers you can take advantage of today.

Baji999 Registration

Users who want to start making sports bets on that gambling site can quickly create an account here. All thanks to the fact that Baji999 is well aware that bettors do not want to waste their time on long registration processes. They want to start entertainment immediately, make successful bets, and receive large payouts! Therefore, the bookmaker has a simplified registration process not to delay future players and provide them with maximum comfort. In that way, it strives to demonstrate that it cares about you even before you place your first bet on its platform! It also does not require too much data to create an account, which allows you to speed up the process. All the data you need to enter is necessary for the bookmaker to identify you and provide you with the proper level of security. That is also necessary for your new game account to work properly and without errors.

Sign up

To start creating a new betting account on the platform, you must pay attention to the upper right corner of the official website. There you will see the Sign Up button in the upper right corner of the site, which you will quickly find as the bookmaker highlighted it in yellow. After that, you will see a registration window where you must enter data about yourself. Registration here has two stages so that users can gradually enter information about themselves and not miss anything.

In the first step, enter your username, select the currency for betting, and create a strong password. Also, for future bettors not make a mistake and remember their password better, the bookmaker asks them to confirm their password. Enter your full name, phone number, email, and verification code in the second step.

Before you create a betting account on the site, you need to confirm that you are an adult user (at least 18 years old). You must also read the Terms and Conditions to ensure the site suits you. If you are an adult, the site's rules suit you, and you have entered all the necessary data, then you can complete the registration. To complete the registration, you need to click on the checkmark at the bottom of the registration window, and you will create a new account. Now you are a full member of the betting site and have access to all its benefits!

Login to Baji999

Bettors with a gaming account on the Baji999 website can be sure that nothing will stop them from quickly starting sports betting. Logging into your account here is simple; any player can quickly figure it out. That is very important, as the ability to start betting instantly is a must for a betting platform. Therefore, the bookmaker offers a standard authorization process that looks familiar to any user. That greatly speeds up the process and allows you to log into your account and spend no more than a few seconds on it.

Log in

To the left of the registration button, you will see the Login button, which you must click to return to your betting account. The betting site will open an authorization window for you in which you need to enter the minimum amount of information. You need to enter a username and password. After that, click the Login Now button, and you will be ready to continue playing!

Users who cannot remember their password need not worry; they can always recover it! To start the recovery process, click the Forgot password button at the bottom of the authorization window. The betting website will ask you to enter your username and email address to verify that you are the account owner. Instead of your email, you can also enter a phone number if that option is more convenient for you. That will allow you to get everything you need to recover your account and return to sports betting instantly!

Baji999 Full Version

The site's quality is important, as players must bet quickly, get used to the interface, and find information faster. Here, all that is possible because that bookmaker respects its players and wants the bets to be as convenient as possible for them. If you want to use the full version of that betting site, we recommend using devices such as a laptop or desktop computer. That will allow you to enjoy the full version and a smooth game.

Full version

That site can please you with rich content and a beautiful design. That bookmaker uses a unique yet simple design. It emphasizes its peculiarity and, at the same time, looks like a classic betting site in which intricate design solutions will not distract you. It also uses interesting color combinations such as gray, green, yellow, white, and red. The professional and high-quality color arrangement does not strain the eyesight of bettors and allows them to spend more time playing. Your eyes will not get tired, which means you will not have to stop your fun to take a break. Also, that combination of colors is very useful as it will help you increase your concentration level! That means that you will be able to understand what is happening in a sporting event. So you are more likely to choose the right bet strategy and get even more payouts!

Equally important is the interface, which is as convenient and intuitive as possible here. All the information you need for sports betting is in a prominent place, and therefore you can place the bet you want at any second. You do not have to spend too much time searching; that is especially good news for beginners. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, everyone here has the opportunity to get a big win and understand exactly how sports betting works. To make it easier for you to present the interface of the full version of that site, we will provide you with its scheme:

  • At the top of the site, the bookmaker has placed various sections (such as Sports, Casino, Table, and so on);
  • In the middle of the site are favorite casino games and sports events that are of most interest to gamblers;
  • At the bottom of its platform, the bookmaker has posted full information about itself, which you can see at any time.

Players can immediately start betting and win thanks to such a convenient interface! Betting will be fun, and you can enjoy the game fully.

Baji999 Mobile Version

Each betting site must provide its members with the opportunity to play the way they want. Not every bettor can use devices such as a computer or laptop constantly. Also, some bettors prefer to use only their mobile devices for gambling. That is why players need a quality alternative, a good mobile version.

Mobile version

Luckily, Baji999 has a great mobile version that gives you 24/7 access to the site! It expands your options and allows you to bet anytime, anywhere! It also guarantees a quality gambling experience for mobile bettors. All because the mobile version has all the features of the full site version. You can bet on any sports, deposit and withdraw funds, claim bonuses, etc. Also, thanks to excellent optimization for small vertical screens, it will be convenient for you to use your smartphone or tablet. The interface of that site version is user-friendly, and you can quickly get used to using the mobile version and start betting! Thus, you can instantly place a bet wherever you are and receive your winnings at the end of the event.

The mobile version of the Baji999 website is available for mobile devices on platforms like IOS and Android, which means that any player can use it. To open that site on your smartphone or tablet, you just need to open your mobile internet browser! Enter the bookmaker's name in your search engine and click on the link to the official website. Create an account or log in, and you are ready to enjoy your bets and wins in a mobile format!

Baji999 App

If you are uncomfortable using the mobile version but still want to bet from your smartphone, then you can use the Baji999 app! That application is very convenient and greatly speeds up your start of the game. You can play with just one click if it is on your mobile device. That is a very convenient option for mobile bettors who like to bet on the go or are often away from home. Just click on the application icon and get full access to detailed information about sports events and betting options that are available to you.

Mobile app

The mobile application is very convenient and works perfectly without lags or braking. It will also be able to please you with a convenient and familiar interface that is not much different from the site's full version. That is great news because you will not have to spend time exploring it and feel like you have been betting on that app. One of the most noticeable differences between the application and the full version of the betting site is that it is much more compact. That is necessary so that it is convenient for you to place bets on your mobile device and you do not have problems with navigation.

The Baji999 mobile application is available for bettors with mobile devices on the Android platform. If you are one of them and want to download the betting application of that bookmaker, then everything is much easier than it seems. You do not need to search for it all over the Internet; just visit the official betting site. Visit the full or mobile version of the site, and in the upper left corner, you will see a smartphone symbol on which you need to click. The bookmaker will open a separate tab with detailed information about the mobile application. You will also see instructions for downloading the file and a yellow Download Now button. You can quickly download and install the necessary file on your mobile device. After that, just tap the bookmaker icon, log in, or register and start sports betting

Baji999 Betting

Baji999 is a great option for sports betting as it offers a good selection of sports! Thanks to that, players can find many different events for their favorite sport. It offers you over 40 sports to bet on, which is a decent list. Such many options for bettors allow that bookmaker to stand out from others and enter the lists of the best betting platforms. You can bet on sports such as:

Horse racing
Table tennis
And more

That bookmaker specializes in cricket, and therefore the choice of events for that sport is much larger than others. However, it generally pays equal attention to all sports and strives to provide its members with as many opportunities as possible.

Bet online

Moreover, it also allows you to bet on virtual sports! That is a great solution for bettors who want to enjoy sports betting and excitement. You do not need to wait for special events to bet on a virtual sport. You can bet on visual sports such as soccer, basketball, and tennis. Such a huge selection of options will bring you an amazing gambling experience! You can have a great time regardless of your preferences and always have the opportunity to bet on something that interests you.

Live Betting

Baji999 also provides real-time betting! Live betting is not only a great opportunity for players to have fun but also a great opportunity to fill their wallets. Since you can observe what is happening in the game, you are likelier to choose the right strategy and make a winning bet. Thus, the bookmaker significantly increases the advantage of its members.

Betting live

Participating in live betting at Baji999 allows players to bet on events as they unfold, providing an exciting sports betting experience. In addition, to improve your live betting, Baji999 also provides a live streaming function! You can use that feature if you want to bet on the sports of the bookmaker, namely cricket, tennis, football, and basketball. That combination of in-game betting and live streaming ensures that players do not miss a single important moment during a sporting event.


That bookmaker provides its players with a wide wager that allows them to bet on any sporting event anytime. Registered members can select any event from the list and place a bet. Of course, you will find many bets on such sports as cricket and soccer, which are very popular among players.


Baji999 also offers a wide range of bet types, greatly expanding your options. For example, if you prefer to bet on cricket, then you can choose bet types such as:

Winner of Coin Toss
Match Winner
Match Handicap
Total Wickets
Player Performance
Top Batsman
Top Bowler
Highest Opening Partnership
Total Runs in 1st Over
Total Fours/Sixes
Man of the Match
And More

That betting site also regularly updates and supplements information about sports events so you do not miss anything. It can also help you make the right decision and make the right choice that will bring you big winnings!

Betting Odds

Baji999 provides its members with truly competitive odds that are available daily on a variety of betting markets. It has good odds on popular and major sporting events and smaller ones. If you love betting on second-range games, that is great news. Thanks to that, you can make a good bet, regardless of what sport you bet on, and get a huge win!

Betting odds

Also, an equally important advantage is that it is not difficult to determine that bookmaker's odds. Even for beginners, understanding it is simple and intuitive, which means you can win regardless of your experience. Profitable and understandable odds are a big advantage for any betting platform, and Baji999 wins.

Baji999 Casin

That bookmaker provides not only the opportunity to bet on various sports but also to enjoy casino entertainment! It is serious about ensuring every gambler can enjoy their favorite entertainment. You will see a huge selection of high-quality titles popular among players in the casino games section. The bookmaker offers a variety of options, from popular slots to live casino tables, to suit all tastes.

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The betting site provides its members with several reputable game providers and offers games such as slots and poker. It also partners with the best software providers to ensure you only play the best casino games! You can play games from providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution, etc... However, if you play from Bangladesh, the list of providers and games expands significantly! More variety in games like Roulette, Andar Bahar, or Teen Patti will surely add interest to Baji999 casino offerings.

A wide variety of entertainment casinos will allow you to find a game you can win, regardless of your level. If that is your first casino experience, you can choose games with simple rules that are easy to win. And if you are an advanced player, finding the desired challenge will not be difficult. Thus, you will always find what you like in the casino section! Fans of casino games will find it interesting here, and bettors can play games and relax while waiting for the results of their bets.

Baji999 Bonuses

Bonus offers are important not only for players but also for betting platforms. Bonuses must be generous for players to enjoy the bets to the fullest and attract more players to the gambling platform. Therefore, Baji999 offers only the best and most generous bonuses to benefit you in betting. Using them can make your betting experience even more interesting and exciting.


The welcome bonus is one of the most important offers for the gambling platform, and that is what the bookmaker can boast of. New players of that gambling experience can enjoy a welcome bonus that will bring them ৳100 for their first deposit! To receive that bonus, you need to register on the site. Also, when you make your initial deposit on the Baji999 official website deposit page, you must select the Welcome Bonus promotion to activate the offer. You must make a minimum deposit of ৳500 to your gaming account to receive that bonus.

That bookmaker also offers many promotions for regular players. For example, you can use Cashback Promo Offer, Commission Rebate Offer, and more on its website. It also offers many promotions for casino games, so you can have an edge on any gambling activity you like! The number of bonus offers continues to grow and only gets bigger allowing you to choose what suits your playstyle.

Baji999 License

Each bookmaker must provide its members with indisputable proof of its identity and reliability. That is necessary for bettors to feel comfortable on the site and not worry about safety. It can also help them win more as they can better concentrate on their bets. The best way to do that is to have a license.


Baji999 has proven its reliability in the gambling market for a long time. It adheres to all necessary rules and laws and operates with a Curacao license. The bookmaker takes the safety of its customers very seriously. It uses only the best modern technologies to provide you and your data with the proper level of security. If you have chosen that gambling site for betting, you do not have to worry because you are completely safe here.

Deposit and Withdrawal of Money

That bookmaker supports only the most reliable payment methods used worldwide. Among them, you will find those that you use on an ongoing basis. Thus, the bookmaker provides you with complete financial comfort. You do not have to open a new account or create an e-wallet to place a bet here. Here you can use such deposit methods as:

Bank transfers
And more

Input and output money

Depositing and withdrawing funds does not take much time. That lets you deposit money into your betting account or quickly withdraw winnings. That will allow you to conquer new betting heights and win even more quickly!

Baji999 Clients Reviews

Fred: 'That is just an amazing site for those who bet on cricket! I signed up here a couple of months ago, and I only bet on cricket and soccer (cricket more often), and no other betting platform has ever made me so happy as this one. The selection of events is amazing, the odds are excellent, and the withdrawals are very fast.'

Darcy: 'Baji999 has a high-quality website that works great both on a computer and a smartphone. The choice of entertainment is also very large, which applies to sports betting and casino games. I carefully researched the site for a couple of days and made bets, and I must say that the result is impressive. It's interesting and fun here.'

Julia: 'Great bookmaker! Thanks for the great quality!'

Philip: 'I especially want to highlight the bonuses that helped me win almost immediately after registration. I don't have much betting experience, but I used the bonus, made a tennis bet, and got a big win. I have never been as lucky on any site as here.'